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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Agnieszka Brzozowska.

By education I am a master of internal security with the qualifications of self-defense instructor, tactics and intervention techniques. My biggest life passion is Aikido Shudokan, which I train since the age of eleven. I devote most of my free time to this martial art in which I have a 2 dan degree. From the age of sixteen, I also train children’s groups. In winter and summer I go to sport camps as a teacher and sensei. The joy that teaching Aikido and the general worship of all forms of physical activity (from football and volleyball through skiing to windsurfing) naturally led me to take up studies in the field of physical education. I would like to be able to instil in young people a passion to realize themselves through movement, to overcome their weaknesses and discover their strengths, while showing that sport is for everyone. In my free time I like to relax in a cottage in the mountains and read (if I’m not on the mat). I love animals and have been a volunteer at the Hel Seal Center for several years during the holiday

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