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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Katarzyna Gintowt.

Ms. Kasia is not only a certified teacher in teaching the lower elementary grades but also a certified mathematic teacher in the upper elementary grades. She completed numerous courses, including Montessori preschool course, Education management, Artetherapy in education, Education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities, with autism and Asperger syndrome. Kasia chose her profession not by accident – as a little girl she taught her dolls and teddy bears. She does what she dreamed about in life and what gives her great joy. She attended the first Montessori course in Katowice (2015) during which she had the opportunity to learn the secrets of Montessori knowledge.
Personally, she is a partner of Andrzej, an IT specialist and a mother of 21-year-old Agata, the IT student, and 18-year-old Aleksander, the high school student. They are happy to spend time together. They love travels that allow them to meet new people, their culture, customs, cuisine and the beauty of the countries they visit.

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