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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Krzysztof Kasperek.

I am a pedagogue by profession. I am currently undergoing post-graduate studies in integrated early childhood and pre-school education. For six years I have been the leader of a group of children and youth in the Polish Scouting Association. I carried out educational projects abroad in Cuba, Iceland and Georgia, where I worked with street children and young people experiencing violence. I also support, coordinate work, develop and motivate the ZHP educational staff in Katowice.I received the “Niezwyczajny 2018” award in the national ZHP instructor plebiscite and the University of Silesia Rector’s award for the project of volunteering in Iceland in the field of environmental protection.I gained pedagogical experience in the “Bukowy Dom”, which is in a natural kindergarten and school, supporting individually the development of each student and organizing parenting workshops. In addition, for 3 months I was a teacher’s assistant in a bilingual Montessori kindergarten, where I introduced the concept of “outdoor education”. I also organized forest summer play center based on the ideas of forest kindergartens.For a year, I organized, together with the youth from Katowice, animation activities for children from the Zakątek Children’s Home and organized an educational project for children from the Dom Aniołów Stróżow about emotional intelligence.I am a co-author of activities in the field of regional education, I run the Scout Ethnographic Museum in Katowice. We organize workshops on folk culture and art for children.I took part in training on “Communication without Violence” and “Education without failures” by Thomas Gordon. Music is also my passion. I play, compose and record songs on the guitar and ukulele. I am in love with the pedagogy of Marii Montessori and forest kindergartens. I share my thoughts on education and upbringing on my blog: www.krzysztofkasperek.pl

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