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Goldsmith Hall

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Preschool Tuition

Preschool Tuition

English Montessori School, as a private school, charges fees for the educational services provided.
The tuition fee is an annual fee which, for your convenience, can be divided into 2 or 12 installments. Tuition at English Montessori School already includes the cost of seven-hour daily contact with a native English speaker, meals (morning snack, two-course dinner and afternoon snack, unlimited access to mineral water), the cost of accident insurance for children and the cost of physical activities in our gym (2 times per week). During the holiday period, we do not guarantee the daily presence of a native speaker.

The amount of the tuition fee is similar to tuition fees in most private institutions and depends on whether Parents choose the basic offer, before school care, after school care or both options.
For siblings, we offer a 20% discount. If you pay for the whole year in advance, you can take advantage of a 5% discount and a 3% discount for semester payments.

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