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Let’s trust our teenagers!

What is trust? What is it about trusting a teenager? Trust is not about your child becoming the way you want them in the future – it is about making your child the way he or she wants it to be.

Jasper Juul “Teenagers”

Our goals:

  • When teaching and educating, we rely on the relationship with the student and the pedagogy of dialogue.
  • Assessments are not a goal! The grading system is transparent and both, the student and the parent, have the right to have the insight into the student’s situation.
  • Each student is supported both educatively and didactically by a personal tutor.
  • Has the possibility of frequent individual consultations with subject teachers.
  • Our goal is to make the student co-responsible for his/her education, giving him/her a wide range of different paths and ways of implementing the program and developing his/her own passions and interests.
  • In our opinion, studying at the high school level is one great work time in the world around us. That is why we propose to support you in your own work time.

How it is supposed to look in practice

The way of organizing work at the Montessori High School are short introductory presentations and own work time, during which the student to a large extent independently decides what and in what order will be the subject of his / her activity on a given day.

The first grade is not profiled, the tutor is assigned to the student randomly – so that we can get to know each other and decide what to do next.

Already in the first grade, we carry out additional faculties in compulsory subjects at the matura exam, i.e. Polish, Mathematics and English.

Starting from the 2nd grade, each student plans, creates and implements his/her own action plan. For this, from a formal point of view, consent to accelerated learning is required (preceded by an opinion from the psychological-pedagogical council). Thanks to this, we combine the passions and interests of our high school students with the potential and experience of our teachers.

What we offer:

  • classes preparing students for the Olympics, English, Spanish and German language exams;
  • other extracurricular activities according to students’ needs;
  • opportunity to participate in various research projects and volunteering;
  • trips;
  • promoting independence, responsibility and cooperation;
  • trust in the enormous potential and entrepreneurship of young people
  • discovering individual talents and abilities
  • help in getting to know your own learning style
  • intimacy, thanks to which we devote exactly as much time to each student as he/she needs
  • openness and diversity of staff
  • a friendly and safe learning atmosphere
  • school examination sessions throughout the year;
  • classes conducted by foreigners;
  • teachers’ consultations after lessons (possibility of additional explanation of difficult material);
  • assistance of a psychologist and school pedagogue;
  • PE classes.