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Preschool Teacher

Sandra Kaczmarek.
Preschool and early school teacher
I graduated from pedagogical studies with specializations in early childhood and preschool pedagogy with neurodidactics,…
Eunice Muria Muiruri
Native speaker
My name is Eunice Muria Muiruri, born and bred in my beloved country Kenya. I…
Natalia Gras.
Future preschool and early school teacher
I am a student of pedagogy (early childhood and preschool) – long-cycle studies. I have…
Magdalena Achtelik.
Floating Teacher
My name is Magdalena Achtelik, I am a second-year student of earlyschool and preschool pedagogy…
Funmilayo Yewande Osinowo-Fatunmbi
Native speaker
My name is Funmilayo Osinowo-Fatunmbi, I am from Nigeria and came to Poland in 2021…

School Teacher

Sandra Boratyńska.
Lower elementary level coordinator, school pedagogue
I graduated with a master's degree in Social Pedagogy and Pedagogical Therapy, as well as…
Lucyna Rozmarynowska.
Early school and preschool teacher
I am a graduate from the University of Opole, where in 2017 I graduated from…
Natalia Zmysło.
Early school teacher
I am a graduate of the Institute of Research on Education and Communication of the…
Joanna Sokół.
Future preschool and early school teacher
My name is Joanna Sokół and I come from the picturesque sides of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. I study pre-school and early-school pedagogy.…
Monika Gralikowska.
Early school teacher
I am an Early Childhood Educator and I graduated from the Teacher's College in Bytom…
Małgorzata Żelazny.
Early school teacher
I graduated from BA studies in Polish philology at the University of Silesia and I…
Kamila Furmańska.
Preschool and early school teacher
Hello, my name is Kamila Furmańska. I am an early childhood educator and graduated from…
Nathalia Peña
Native speaker
Hello, my name is Nathalia Peña Medrano and I was born and raised in Chile.…
Paulina Chamera.
English teacher
I am a graduate of English Philology teacher training programme at Silesian University. I research…
Dino Sibiya
Native speaker
I love people, fitness and fun. My passion for learning and extending myself in the…
Zine Matshakeni
Native speaker
My name is Zine Matshakeni from South Africa. I hold a Bachelor of Science Honours…
Quiteson Arnold Sibanda
Native speaker
My name is Quiteson Arnold Sibanda, born and raised in Zimbabwe. I graduated from the…
Emmanuel Osemweakhae
Native speaker
I hold a bachelors degree in Education & Political science (B.Ed) from the university of…
Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir
Native speaker
My name is Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir, or Sibba (for short) and I am from Iceland. Having…
Małgorzata Przybylok.
Polish teacher
A graduate of literary studies doctoral studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice. She…
Paulina Imiela.
Polish teacher
I am a graduate of the III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Stefana Batorego in Chorzów and…
Elżbieta Tambor-Bobakowska.
Math teacher
I graduated in Mathematics at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Oligophrenopedagogy and Education…
Dariusz Szczembara.
Technical Studies
IT and technology teacher. In addition to our school, he also performs the duties of…
Paulina Pazdur.
My name is Paulina Pazdur and for almost two years I have been part of…
Magdalena Biłuńska.
Art teacher / School care teacher
I am a visual artist, educator and art enthusiast. I graduated from the Academy of…
Paulina Dybał.
Chemistry teacher
I am a chemist by profession. In 2021, I obtained a PhD in chemical sciences.…
Matylda Wróbel.
Support teacher
My name is Matylda Wróbel and from September I will be a class 4b tutor…
Agnieszka Jędrzejowska.
I am a chemist and physicist by education. In 2021, I obtained a PhD degree…
Anna Brodzińska.
Early school/Geography and Nature studies teacher
I am a graduate of the Chorzów high school. Juliusz Słowacki, in which I fell…
Kamil Skorupski
Nauczyciel fizyki
Do dziś udało mi się być naukowcem, działaczem społecznym, aktorem, reżyserem filmowym i fotografem, pisarzem,…
Michał Pawlarczyk.
History teacher
I am a graduate of history at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University…
Paweł Pietrasz.
Math teacher
My name is Paweł Pietrasz, I am graduate in Math at Politechnika Śląska. My interests…
Karolina Czura.
Music teacher / piano teacher
I am a choir conductor and teacher by education and passion. In both of these…
Piotr Karwacki.
Safety Education teacher
I am a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education. Jerzy Kukuczka in Katowice (wrestling…
Aleksandra Czarnuch.
My name is Ola. I am a 3rd year Math student at the Silesian University…
Mikołaj Gruca.
My name is Mikołaj Gruca. I'm from Katowice and currently studying biomedical engineering at SIlesian University of…
Karolina Koziarz
Nauczyciel j. polskiego
Jestem studentką drugiego roku filologii polskiej na studiach magisterskich Uniwersytetu Śląskiego. Specjalizuję się w ekokrytyce…
Sara Bezner.
Religion teacher
My name is Sara Bezner. I am a gradute in theology at the Silesian University…
Agnieszka Polska.
I graduated in psychology at the University of Silesia, postgraduate studies in preschool and early…
Natalia Pilich.
So far, I have gained my experience by co-leading classes as part of the Social…
Kaja Smoleńska-Ożóg.
Speech therapist
My name is Kaja Smoleńska-Ożóg, privately I am a mother of Cezary and Aleksander, professionally…
Anna Szufnara.
My name is Anna, I’m a physiotherapist, I work with children who require support in…
Laura Janoszek.
Special educational needs teacher
My name is Laura Janoszek and I work in EMS as a special education teacher.…

School Directors and Administration

Bronwen Allen
Bronwen Allen was born in Canada where she attended an English-French bilingual Montessori preschool herself as a three year old. She then grew up and was educated in England from the age of four, graduating with a degree in theology from the University of Durham…
Agnieszka Kocot-Łaszczyca.
By birth: kujawianka; character: restless spirit; lawyer and mediator; mother, wife, montessorian, workaholic. Often on the run, always on the road... but in the end travelling is my passion;-)
Anna Smok.
I am an English philology graduate with a passion for Spanish. I’m interested in the…
Anna Sobótka.
I am a graduate of the Silesian Medical University in dietetics. I try to promote…
Marta Kurek.
I graduated from a technical school in the field of graphics techniques and advertising organization.…