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Preschool Teacher

Sandra Kaczmarek.
Preschool and early school teacher
I graduated from pedagogical studies with specializations in early childhood and preschool pedagogy with neurodidactics,…
Vania Chawang
Native speaker
My Name is Vania and I am from Nagaland India. I graduated from Logos College…
Monika Mazgaj.
Preschool and early school teacher
Hello! I am Monika and I am awesome! I am a graduate in the field…
Anna Harciarek.
Group's caretaker/psychologist
I am a graduate in psychology and philosophy at the Silesian University in Katowice. I…
Amanda Jubane
Native speaker
My name is Amanda Jubane, born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to Poland in…
Kinga Rogozińska.
Future preschool and early school teacher
My name is Kinga Rogozińska, I am a preschooland early childhood educator, I am fascinated…
Ewelina Dratwińska.
School pedagogy with pedagogical therapy
My name is Ewelina Dratwińska. I am a graduate of the Pedagogical University in Krakow…

School Teacher

Sandra Hutna.
Early school and preschool teacher
I graduated from the following: Social Pedagogy and Pedagogical Therapy at the Faculty of Pedagogy…
Lucyna Rozmarynowska.
Early school and preschool teacher
I am a graduate from the University of Opole, where in 2017 I graduated from…
Krzysztof Kasperek.
Early school and preschool teacher
I am a pedagogue by profession. I am currently undergoing post-graduate studies in integrated early…
Whitney Noble
Native speaker
My name is Whitney and I hail form South Africa. I am in the process…
Jarryd Kellett.
Native speaker
My name is Jarryd Kellett and I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I've completed studies…
Chris Jones.
Native speaker
Hello. I am Chris, and I am from a small village near to Glasgow in…
Magdalena Biłuńska.
Art teacher / School care teacher
I am a visual artist, educator and art enthusiast. I graduated from the Academy of…
Paweł Superat.
History teacher / School care teacher
The medieval sentence contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere (contemplate and share the fruits of contemplation)…
Paulina Chamera.
English teacher
I am a graduate of English Philology teacher training programme at Silesian University. I research…
Dariusz Szczembara.
Technical Studies
IT and technology teacher. In addition to our school, he also performs the duties of…
Wojciech Sawicki.
Music teacher
I am a graduate of artistic education in the field of musical art at the…
Sara Bezner.
Religion teacher
My name is Sara Bezner. I am a gradute in theology at the Silesian University…
Anna Brzozowska.
Polish teacher
My name is Anna Brzozowska. I practice children’s education from twenty three years. As a…
Joanna Kowalska.
Polish teacher
We can change societies primarily by educating children and youth. For the last 6 years…
Aleksandra Bartnik.
Spanish teacher
¡Hola! My name is Aleksandra Bartnik and I am a Spanish teacher. I am a…
Katarzyna Gintowt.
Math teacher
Ms. Kasia is not only a certified teacher in teaching the lower elementary grades but…
Paulina Dybał.
Chemistry teacher
I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Silesian Univerisity: "I…
Daniel Kiełpiński.
I am a physicist by education and passion. I pursue my passions at school and…
Jakub Majer.
PE teacher
I am a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. I started to…
Agnieszka Brzozowska.
PE teacher
By education I am a master of internal security with the qualifications of self-defense instructor,…
Karolina Janczulewicz.
Guidance counsellor
My name is Karolina Janczulewicz, I am a graduate of philosophy at the University of…
Arkadiusz Rogoziński.
IT teacher
Special educator, IT teacher, educator, social rehabilitation educator, occupational and community therapist - the order…
Agnieszka Kłósek.
Biology teacher
Biology and PE teacher. A passionate traveler. I am interested in diet and psychology. In…
Anna Brodzińska.
Early school/Geography and Nature studies teacher
I’m a graduate of Juliusz Słowacki High School in Chorzów, where I fell in love…
Magdalena Ławecka.
Speech therapist
Speech therapist. As a speech therapist I work with patients across multiple age groups at…
Natalia Moćko.
Speech therapist
Speech therapist, PhD at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Completed studies of speech therapy,…
Agnieszka Polska.
Psychologist/preschool and early school teacher
Graduate in psychology at the Silesian University and, as well as, postgraduate in preschool and…
Joanna Poon
Native speaker
My name is Jo and I come from the South of England. I studied French…
Miłosz Jaksik.
I am a graphic and website designer, and also a programmer. But my passion is…
Mateusz Czekaj.
Dance Theater
For almost 7 years I have been teaching art classes for children and young people…

School Directors and Administration

Bronwen Allen
Bronwen Allen was born in Canada where she attended an English-French bilingual Montessori preschool herself…
Agnieszka Kocot-Łaszczyca.
By birth: kujawianka; character: restless spirit; lawyer and mediator; mother, wife, montessorian, workaholic. Often on…
Anna Sobótka.
Administration coordinator / Dietician
I am a dietician by profession and I am happy that I can use the…
Anna Smok.
I am an English philology graduate with a passion for Spanish. I’m interested in the…
Alicja Socha.
I'm a first year graduate in Psychology in Business with the intention of continuing my…