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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Agnieszka Polska.

I graduated in psychology at the University of Silesia, postgraduate studies in preschool and early school education with pedagogical therapy and postgraduate studies in career counseling. I deal with counseling and therapy for families, I conduct classes developing emotional, social and therapeutic skills for children. I work in kindergartens and schools and start a private practice.
I completed training in the basics of psychotherapy at the Polish Ericksonian Institute, currently I am a participant in a comprehensive systemic – Ericksonian psychotherapy study at the Katowice Institute of Psychotherapy. Recently, I have expanded my competences to issues related to the sensory and motor development of children, completing the Hand Therapy course and postgraduate studies in Sensory Integration Therapy. My perceptions of education and upbringing were inspired by Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline, System Theories and books by Jasper Juul.
My passions are cats (I live with three lovable feline friends), canoeing, Silesian culture and dialect, board games, rock music, children’s literature and zero-mastering.
Montessori pedagogy fascinates me because of its holistic view of the child as a co-creator and component of the Universe, emphasizing human relations with other people and the Earth based on respect, tolerance and harmonious coexistence, and promoting methods of learning largely consistent with the latest discoveries in neuroscience.
My favorite education quotes:
“We care about this life that can improve all life in the future” M. Montessori
“In order to bring peace to the world, one must first establish it in homes and schools” M. Rosenberg
My motto is: “There are many truths that can be constructed about reality. Choose the one that allows you to develop.”

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