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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Laura Janoszek.

My name is Laura Janoszek and I work in EMS as a special education teacher. I specialize in autism spectrum disorders and oligophrenopedagogy. I have gained experience over the years – I am the older sister of an intellectually disabled boy with autism, I also supported my mother in the activities of an association dedicated to helping families of children with ASD, and later I worked in a special school.

I am also a person on the spectrum, diagnosed in adulthood. I say this with a smile and pride! It’s a part of the so-called self-advocacy, which assumes that autistic people (not parents, therapists or doctors) create the narrative about this disorder. With my attitude, I want to remind you that autism is not a death sentence, but a different – fascinating and socially necessary – way of functioning of the brain, in this times called neurodiversity. Of course, it involves various difficulties, in my case, for example, hypersensitivity to sound stimuli (headphones helps!), but it also gives me an advantage at work: I understand my students very well and their unusual struggles. I want to show that adults with ASD can lead happy, full lives, function well socially and achieve professional success. We just need more social awareness and acceptance!

I am interested in modern literature, I enjoy reading and writing (I am also a certificed polonist), I regularly visit libraries, I am a dog person and I love roller skating. My zodiac sign is Cancer. 🙂

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