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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Matylda Wróbel.

My name is Matylda Wróbel and from September I will be a class 4b tutor and a teacher co-organizing the education process (supporting teacher). I am an early childhood education teacher with almost 6 years of experience. For about 3 years I worked in a special facility as a teacher, leading a class of students with autism spectrum. In recent years, I have been gaining my experience as an early childhood education teacher, disabled children teacher, teacher co-organizing the educational process and pedagogical therapist, conducting revalidation classes with children. It is important for me to build positive relationships based on mutual kindness and respect for each person when I’m working with my students.
I’m interested in broadly understood art and mass culture. In my free time, I try to engage in activist and pro-ecological activities and support local civic initiatives. I love comics and concerts. This is my beginning at English Montessori School and I am glad that I will be able to participate in this adventure with your children.

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